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After speaking to Ron and getting the remote access working I did a few more things last night I:
  • Installed Clearcase. After Ron had changed the name of the machine to sons-sc-cc all was fine with the Clearcase installation. And multitool (Multisite's cleartool) is even there!
  • Installed the Clearcase patch so you're totally up to date.
  • Installed Clearquest
  • Copied over \\sons-clearcase\Tools -> \\sons-sc-cc\Tools
  • Installed and configured Cygwin. This took a while to get all the config stuff there, etc. Created a \\sons-sc-cc\Tools\Cygwin local package area. Sons-sc-cc has the latest Cygwin now.
  • Created Clearcase stgloc's for Vobs and Views
  • Created empty shell vobs for salira, salira2, tools and hardware. These will be where I Multisite to.
  • Defragged drives on new machine.
  • Made sure sons-sc-cc was up to date with WindowsUpdate.
Tonight I intend to create the initial replica packets for the vobs then ship them over to sons-sc-cc and setup Multisite syncing. I will first Multisite a vob like Tools or perhaps hardware just to go through the procedure and get the syncing jobs set up. Then I will do both salira and salira2.

There's probably still loose ends that need to be looked at but my plan is basically to be able to build in salira (I don't know how to build in salira2!) using only sons-sc-cc.

At that point we could create some views there for say Simon and teach him how to switch regions to the new SC region. Then he'd be working with the new vob server. He could build and otherwise check it out.

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