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Production User Database Migrated

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  • Managed to migrate the production user database
  • Clearquest desktop users need to upgrade their software. Meantime they can use the web interface
  • Verified cqd and triggers work
  • Documented how to switch a desktop to the new server
  • Documented how to build on the new server
Time Spent: 4 Hours

Production User Database Migrated!

More progress in this area.

I decided to try to use the Sybase Central tool to see if I could verify or otherwise fix this potentially bad database. I also looked at running Chkdisk as the eventlog was reporting some bad sectors on the disk. Unfortunately chkdisk cannot fully check the disk since the database is on the C drive and the C drive is currently busy. Normally you just set a flag and chkdisk will run after next boot. But such a chkdisk will take a long time on a big disk.

Meantime in Sybase Central I decide to do fresh backups of the databases which seem to go OK. These backup databases look no different really than the regular databases so I run validate on the backup database. Hmmm.... Doesn't seem to have any errors. So I tried the installutil copyuserdb to copy the backup database as if is was the real production database to the new server. Hmmm.... That worked!

Next I had to go into Clearquest Maintenance Tool and select Schema Respository: Upgrade: Selected Connection and upgrade the production user database. That worked!

I checked the Clearquest web (http://sons-sc-cc/cqweb/login) and the new database is indeed there and working!

Clearquest Desktop Clients Need to Upgrade

Problem: Clearquest 2002.05.00 desktop clients cannot access this new database!

I tried creating a connection profile to this new database and then importing it on the old server running 2002.05.00.This did not work! Later I read in the Rational Suite Migration Guide:
Your network environement can contain misxed versions of ClearCase and ClearQuest clients (where some clients are at v2003 and some clients are at ealier versions) if these products are in a standalone environment, that is: 

If your vendor database is SQL Anywhere, you do not plan to upgrade to SQL Anywhere 8.0 until all ClearQuest clients and databases have been upgraded to version 2003.
So we'll have to upgrade desktop clients to 2003.06.00! Luckily people can use the Clearquest Web Client...

Clearquest Daemon Works with Minor Tweaks

Checked that cqd and cqc work with the new server. All that need to be changed is to change the default server from sons-clearcase -> sons-sc-cc in

Checked and Triggers Work in New Environment

I was able to check to see that the triggers function in the new environment.

Switching Your Desktop to the New Server

Use the following steps switch your desktop to the new server:
  1. Stop all Clearcase activity. Close any Clearcase Explorer windows and any shells in Clearcase views.
  2. In a Cygwin shell type ct umount -all to unmount all vobs.
  3. Go to Control Panel: Clearcase
  4. Click on the Services tab then Stop Clearcase
  5. Click OK to the dialog saying Clearcase has stopped
  6. Click OK to close the Clearcase Control Panel Applet
  7. Start the Clearcase Control Panel again
  8. On the registry tag, change the registry server to sons-sc-cc
  9. Click OK to close the Clearcase Control Panel again
  10. On the Registry tab click the drop down arrow for Windows Region. You should see the new SC region. Select it.
  11. Click on Apply
  12. Click on the Services Startup tab and then Start Clearcase
  13. Close the Clearcase Control Panel
  14. Start a Cygwin shell and type ct hostinfo -l. You should see something like:

    [ccadmin] adefaria:ct hostinfo -l
    Client: adefaria
      Product: ClearCase 2002.05.00+
      Operating system: Windows NT 5.1 (build 2600) Service Pack 2
      Hardware type: Pentium
      Registry host: sons-sc-cc
      Registry region: SC
      License host: sons-clearcase

    As you can see we are now pointing to the sons-sc-cc registry host and the SC region. Sons-clearcase is still the license server at this time. Type ct lsview and you should see:
    [ccadmin] adefaria:ct lsview
      official             \\sons-sc-cc\Views\SALIRA\ccadmin\official.vws
      3.1.ccadmin     \\sons-sc-cc\Views\SALIRA\ccadmin\3.1.ccadmin.vws
      szhu_view_2     \\sons-sc-cc\Views\SALIRA\szhu\szhu_view_2.vws
    A noticeably smaller list of views that are on sons-sc-cc in the SC region
Follow a similar set of steps to switch back to the old registry server (sons-clearcase) and region (US). No reboots required (provided you properly stop Clearcase and do things like get out of views and umount vobs).

Attempting an Official Build on sons-sc-cc

This procedure can be done either by following the procedure above to switch your desktop to the new server or simply use rsh/telnet to log into sons-sc-cc. Once there:
  1. Make user that the 3.1.ccadmin view is started
    $ ct startview 3.1.ccadmin
  2. Make sure the salira vob is mounted:

    $ ct mount \\salira
  3. Change directory to the build area:

    $ cd /dview/3.1.ccadmin/salira/neopon/build
  4. Type make:
    $ make

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