Friday, December 1, 2017

More SQL Anywhere Wrestling

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  • Installed SQL Anywhere 8.0.3 Patch to fix problem with Services folder not appearing in Sybase Central
  • Spent time trying to figure out how to get a service configured. Eventually figured out that I need to specify -n <machine> as part of the parms or starting the service would just hang
  • Instructions given from Rational spoke of converting databases on a single server. This is not what we are doing there. Tried various things in an attempt to extend the directions to two servers and get the installutil command to run. Nothing was working.
  • Scoured the Rational documents and the net for "preparedbforupgrade" - turned up little except some guys personal web site talking about how the Rational Suite - Upgrade Guide describes the upgrade procedure with two servers and here's the single server procedure. That's nice, and it's pretty much the exact technote that the Rational support engineer pointed me to. However where's the double server procedure!
  • Scoured the Rational site, this time for Rational Suite - Upgrade Guide. Found it! It was a in a pdf file! Apparently the Rational site search engine doesn't search inside pdf files. They should take a lesson from Google! Also searched the system for this pdf file (rs_upgrade.pdf) and it was not on the system. Now why isn't it part of what gets installed?
  • Started doing the steps for converting the database as described in the Rational Suite - Upgrade Guide. See below for more.
Time Spent: 4 hours

Still issues with SQL Anywhere upgrade

According to the Rational Suite - Upgrade Guide I need to import the connection profile from the SQL Anywhere 5.0 server then update it to add on the new SERVER_VER connection option (I believe I need to specify SERVER_VER=8.0.3 since I've now patched to 8.0.3) then save that connection profile. If I change the database server name to the new name but leave the Physical Database Name pointing to the old server then I get an error. If I change the database server name and point the Physical Database Name to a copy of the schema.db on the new server I can't connect either. If I leave those pointing to the old server and only add on the SERVER_VER parm then the connection updates. But now access to Clearquest fails on the old server complaining that SERVER_VER is invalid! How are you supposed to do this?!? Step by step instructions would be great!

Even if I were to be able to get the above done I would hesitant to perform the next step because it describes using the Clearquest Maintainance Tool to move the schema and user databases!
Move your schema repository. In the ClearQuest Maintenance Tool, in the Existing Connections area, select the connection to your existing SQL Anywhere 5.0 databases, then click Schema Repository > Move. Enter database information for a new database under your SQL Anywhere 8.0 server. For example, enter a different filename in the same directory as the existing database. Click Finish.
I don't want to move databases - I want to simply copy them. Moving them would mean that current production would have to halt until I got it back up and running on the new server.

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