Friday, December 1, 2017

Microsoft Software

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  • Installed Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003
  • Installed Microsoft Installable File System
  • Installed MKS Toolkid
  • Changed script to resolve dependancies with new system
  • Updated to use cygpath

Microsoft Installations

Installation of Visual Studio.NET and the Installable File System took forever mostly due to the fact that I was installing is off a share from Roseville.

MKS Toolkit

After installing MKS Toolkit I went back to turn off the various services it installs that conflicts with Cygwin. The process uses Cygwin so we need that too. I'm not particularly impressed with MKS Toolkit. For example, before MKS installed I tried executing a few of the executables that had been installed already. Each popped up with a dialog box saying it couldn't get a license. Fair enough as the installation had not yet finished. However, this does mean that each time an executable is executed additional work needs to be done to check the license.

In general MKS seems clunkier than Cygwin and less complete. Of course I am biased and unfamilar with MKS. For example, I don't know how MKS handles /etc/passwd and mapping of uids to sids. script

Not many changes needed to be made to, the new, shortened name for, as it was already parameterized fairly well. Some of the INCLUDE environment variable settings changed to accommodate the new locations on the new system.

Changes to

With this new system I decided to go with changing /cygdrive -> /dev - shorter, more convenient, etc. However was still incorrectly attempting to change drive letter references with /cygdrive and handling it's own path name conversion. Changed this to use cygpath as that's a better way to do this. Plus it takes into account if the user has change the cygdrive prefix.

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