Friday, December 1, 2017


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  • Checked in recent changes to GPDB and its associated scripts
  • gpdb_add_project:
    • Added interrupt handling
    • Moved logic that determines what site a machine is in from here to
    • Fixed but in checking "no such map" from NIS
  • gpdb_add_vob:
    • Added function prototypes
    • Changed to put together list of vobs from all regions
    • Added getting of Vob Family UUID and Vob UUID
    • Now using gpdb_currentSite
  • gpdb_convertuk:
    • Added function prototypes
    • Reorganized export list
    • Added gpdb_mklink_user_to_site, gpdb_mklink_user_to_project, gpdb_unlink_user_from_project, gpdb_unlink_user_from_site
    • Implement gpdb_siteForHostname. This routine returns the site name for the passed in hostname (default localhost)
    • Implemented gpdb_getuserByID
    • Changed handling of retunred %ccdefaults
    • Changed gpdb_getProject to properly return the retired flag
    • Change gpdb_putProject to call gpdb_mklink_user_to_project
    • Renamed siteName and projectName to gpdb_siteName and gpdb_projectName respctively
    • Implemented gpdb_siteAdmins. This returns an array of AXIDs who are site admins
  • tables.sql:
    • Added family_uuid and vob_uuid

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