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Automating Clearcase Installs

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  • Created auto install script for Linux

Automating Clearcase Installs

Often you want to easily and quickly be able to install Clearcase on systems. Of course, there are lots of considerations, hence lots of parameters to consider. IBM/Rational's solution to this is install_release which is really just a script that calls inst_rls, yet another Perl script, to do the installation. As it does it prompts for parameters and performs the install. But it would be nice to be able to run through the prompts once, answering all the questions for a batch of similarly configured machines, then run that install on those machines.

Now IBM/Rational even thought of this and install_release has a facility to perform multiple installs remotely to a bunch of machines. But you may not have all of those machines up and running nor identified.

Or you may wish to automate the process yourself, scripting a solution that queries other things to determine exactly which type of install to do.

Running install_release with -echo_cmd_only

While no longer documented, running install_release with the parameter -echo_cmd_only causes install_release to run through all of the prompts and then it just spits out the full command line that will perform the install as specified. This command line can then be used as the basis for your own automation.

The following is a quick script to install Clearcase 6.x on Redhat systems:

# Quick script to install Clearcase 6.x on Redhat x86 64 bit

if [ $(id -u) != 0 ]; then
  echo "ERROR: You must be root to install Clearcase"
  exit 1

# Define some parameters that might be changing
logfile=/tmp/Rational_install.$(date +%y%m%d.%M.%S)

cd $release_area

# Now install
./install_release      \
  -nlog                \
  -rbh Unknown         \
CC_ONLY_SERVER,MS_shipping_server,CC_FULL,MS_all,MS_FULL   \
  -rr $registry_region \
  -to /opt/rational    \
  -rebuild_vnode 0     \
  -log $logfile        \
  -level 5             \
  -from $release_path  \
  -patch_kernel 0      \
  -rh $registry_host   \
  -local               \
  -model full          \
  -lh $license_host    \


  1. I inserted a little check at the top to make sure you're root when you run this script. You need to be root to install Clearcase
  2. I've defined a few variables that might change like the release area, registry host, registry region, etc.
  3. Needed to add -no_query to get this install script to not stop querying for further options. This has been observed on Linux only.
  4. All -comp components need to specified on one line, separated by comma with no spaces. It has been broken up above for readability purposes only.

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