Tuesday, November 28, 2017


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  • Helped Bruce Durbin create a dynamic view
  • Worked with Loren Gifford on a problem he was having comparing elements
  • Eventually needed to create new vob and import Core_automation to it
  • Went to get cell phone.
  • Wrote findview to search for views in all regions
Bruce et. al. seem to be against using dynamic views. Apparently they want all there views to be centered at C:\QA. Also, test machine doesn't have Clearcase so they use snapshot views for that. Suggested they install Clearcase on the test machine and make their test automation work from a base.

Re-created a snapshot view for him but was still unable to perform compares. Things are odd in that if I Compare to another version then I can compare the checked out version with it's predessor but if I did Compare to previous it fails with an error message of "Error while doing compare". Ended up asking Timmie to reinstall Clearcase. Not sure if this fixed his problem

Users still reported problems with things like comparing versions. Mike determined through checkvob that there were still permissions problems on storage containers so we decided to create a new vob and clearexport_ccase/clearimport things. Unfortunately vobadm is not included in the CC-TTE group (nor the CC-EDA group) so I temporarily switched group ownership of this vob to CC-PMO, which vobadm is a member of, to do the import, then cleartool protectvob -chgrp back to CC-TTE

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