Tuesday, November 28, 2017

build_view bug

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Fixed bug in build_view:

Fixed problem counting errors in output. This is a common problem: How do you distinguish between real errors and file elements or variable that contain the string "error". The approach was:

errors=$(grep -i error $card.build.log | grep -v "Errors: 0" | grep -vc "cli_errors.c")

which looks for errors in general, weeds out the "Errors: 0" that the NP complier puts out and then makes an exception for the file element named cli_errors.c. Well with onu2311 comes new output that contains the string "error" but is not an error. Notably:

dmt_main.c: In function `reportErrorPort':
dmt_main.c:274: warning: implicit declaration of function `resetPortErrorCounts'

For now we will make an exceptions for "ErrorPort" and "PortError" but this is not an ideal solution to the problem in general.

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